Brand Values

Dairy Chain

Our Dairy factory produces according a very ancient tradition, using modern equipment and conducting a constant study, research and experimentation activity. The milk collected from farmers comes from selected cattle sheds, and its processing is done without the use of preservatives or additives, this ensures the intact preservation of genuineness of this top quality milk, which is the result of a craftsmanship philosophy.


The fodder used to feed lactating cows comes from the direct tilling of the land by the Members of the Cooperative themselves. Maize, triticale, rye-grass and alfalfa are grown using the latest agronomic techniques and stored immediately after mowing according to the ensiling technique.



The high quality of the milk produced is also obtained through the use of cutting-edge farming techniques, whose key elements are the quality of the breed, genetic improvement, and accurate veterinary checks.



Cattle feeding is one of the main factors responsible for the quality of milk. Feeding with ensiled fodder and hay produced on the farm ensures the preparation of qualitatively standardized and balanced food rations.



Hence the good quality of this milk. The competence of the Farmers guarantees special attention and care for all hygiene-related aspects. Strict compliance with the latest operating procedures, barn hygiene, cattle preparation and cleaning, elimination of the first milk sprays, disinfection of the equipment used, all together ensure the production of healthy, safe and high-quality milk.


Storage and transport

Immediately after milking, milk is sent to the refrigerating tank and cooled at once to +4° C. Fresh drawn milk so kept is collected daily by special tankers so as to ensure the cold chain and, within a very short time, delivered to the Cooperative.



All collected milk is previously treated with a pasteurization process: a mild heat treatment which, while leaving the qualitative characteristics of the milk unchanged, prevents any hazards arising from pathogenic microorganisms and eliminates the microbial load. The milk produced daily by the Cooperative Members is selected based on the qualitative characteristics and, accordingly, conveyed for the production of drinking milk or dairy processing.


Control and analysis

Once freshly drawn milk is delivered to the factory, before being unloaded and sent to the processing line, it is controlled by the company laboratory in order to verify its actual freshness, temperature, chemical composition, and compliance with the applicable health and hygiene requirements. The company laboratory performs analytical, chemical and microbiological testing, at all stages of the production chain, starting from the milk in the barn up to the finished products ready for sale. Its activity is aimed at guaranteeing to consumers that the products on the market meet the safety and quality requirements provided for by law.



The respect of the cold chain and the promptness in delivery are crucial to preserve the qualitative characteristics of milk and dairy products unchanged. The Cooperative relies on an efficient distribution network that makes use of suitable refrigerated trucks capable of carrying out an extensive daily distribution throughout the territory guaranteeing to consumers the quality and freshness of its products.




Italian quality

Over the years, our company has succeeded in reconciling the respect for the environment and tradition while implementing the most advanced technological innovation. The fodder used to feed the animals comes from the direct tilling of the fields and their nutrition is carefully studied and balanced. Milking is done directly at the manufacturers’ premises, using a technology that ensures strict compliance with animal hygiene, health and welfare rules.