About us

In Italy, the homeland of Marco Polo, a privileged destination for travellers, as well as a land of beauty and good food, there is a company whose successful story has been growing for over half century. In the valleys kissed by the Mediterranean sun and caressed by slow sunsets, men have learned to produce Milkitaly, an excellent milk of great value. The passion for handmade products, the silence reigning in the meadows and the quite life of the animals are the secret ingredients of this milk. Every single drop and every package actually reflects the love for goodness, beauty and style as well as the ability to dream of a great company.

A special milk

Milk, an irreplaceable nutrient of the Mediterranean diet, is recommended at every stage of life and should never be missing in anyone's kitchen. It's important that mothers give their children milk to drink because of its high content in calcium, vitamins and proteins, so useful in the age of growth, but also a valuable nutrient for adult and elderly people. Milkitaly is not just ordinary milk; you can drink it whenever you want, at dawn or in the evening, and each time you will enjoy the pleasure and special taste of a Mediterranean experience.

Italian Quality

Over the years, our company has succeeded in combining the respect for environment and tradition while implementing the most advanced technological innovation. The fodder used to feed the animals comes from the direct tilling of the land and their nutrition is carefully studied and balanced. Milking is done directly at the farms, using a technology that ensures strict compliance with animal hygiene, health and welfare rules.